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FILM club meet the stars of StreetDance 3D [May. 13th, 2010|03:27 pm]
Matilda Battersby
FILM club meet the stars of StreetDance 3D 
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Interview in an igloo with Fatboy Slim [Apr. 9th, 2010|06:46 pm]
Matilda Battersby
I went to a party in an igloo last night. It wasn't an ordinary, common or garden igloo either. It was a giant hand-made igloo atop one of the highest peaks in Austria, accessible only by a terrifying ski lift, spewing brightly coloured lights onto ice which shone blue in the darkness, and housing one of Britain's best loved DJs, Fatboy Slim aka Norman Cook.

Cook is here for the Snowbombing festival, a combination of snowboarding and tunes in the normally sleepy town of Mayrhofen. He was due to play here last year but the Brighton-based DJ went for a stint in rehab instead. Last night I spoke to him about this, his new baby and his new project with David Byrne and his disinclination for winter sports from within the glittering walls of the Arctic Disco.

His set was amazing and the 300 revellers lucky enough to catch the very limited ski lifts up there got so worked up by the music and the proliferation of thand-warming Jegermeister tea, that  I was worried it might cause a landslide.

Check out the interview with Norman Cook from within an igloo, which I filmed on my Sony Bloggie, sponsors of the extravaganza.

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On tour with the Cuban Brothers [Apr. 9th, 2010|06:29 pm]
Matilda Battersby
Check out this tour footage of the Cuban Brothers on their road trip to the Snowbombing festival in Mayrhofen, Austria.

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Bombing around at the Snowbombing festival [Apr. 8th, 2010|08:27 am]
Matilda Battersby

Last night as I sat at an outside table of a bustling restaurant on the sloping main street of Mayrhofen,a small skiing village in the spiky Austrian Alps, blokes dressed as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz whizzed unsteadily passed on roller skates at intervals, tottering and yelling as they sped by and grabbing onto their mates, who were dressed invariably as cows, Spider Man, Gordon Brown or Osama Bin Laden.

This is day three of the Snowbombing festival, a combination of top notch indie bands, booze, snowboarding and Brits which has taken over this sleepy and picturesque place for five days annually for the last 11 years. This unusual take on a music festival is free of the usual mud, tents and hippies particular to Glastonbury and such like. The clientèle are basically die hard winter sports nuts who fancy bombing (literally) down black runs after a few pints and  (wince) in the nude.

It is T-shirt weather in the luxurious resort and you have to climb pretty high to see any snow, which is fortunate for the scantily clad revellers who enjoyed watching bands including The Editors, Doves and The Whip at the Racket Club last night, a giant tent decked out with Christmas trees to resemble Narnia.

I'm here courtesy of Sony Bloggie, which is sponsoring the festival. I'll be interviewing bands, uploading embarrassing snaps of my attempts to ski (I'm a total beginner) and posting exclusive footage from on tour with the Cuban Brothers. Tonight I'm going to the Arctic Disco, an intimate series of gigs at an ice hotel up in the mountains, and I'll be chatting to Fatboy Slim. So watch this space...
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FILMCLUB meets Nanny McPhee stars Emma Thompson and Maggie Gyllenhaal [Mar. 25th, 2010|03:49 pm]
Matilda Battersby
FILMCLUB members 11 year-old Shakara and 10 year-old Oluseum from St Saviours school in Walthamstow, scooped exclusive interviews with Nanny McPhee stars Emma Thomspon and Maggie Gyllenhaal on the red carpet at the star-studded UK premiere of Nanny McPhee and The Big Bang in Leicester Square.

 FILMCLUB is a celebrity-backed, nationwide after-school initiative to inspire children through the world of film. Emma Thompson, who stars in the film and wrote the screenplay, is one of the schemes many supporters and offered the youngsters the only red carpet interview to talk about her role in the new film.

Take a look at what they had to say here...

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Former female wrestler takes Republican Senate lead after a slap-down on YouTube [Mar. 18th, 2010|08:51 am]
Matilda Battersby
 World Wrestling Entertainment boss Linda McMahon took a ten-point lead in the Republican race for the Senate yesterday after a notorious YouTube campaign where she takes to the boxing ring.

The former wrestler and entrepreneur, responsible for bringing Hulk Hogan to the world's attention, has been seen by thousands in the below campaign video being slapped hard in the face by her daughter, to cries of "Stephanie struck her mother down!" and jocular applause.

Dressed primly in a suit and sporting Hillary-esque hair and make-up, she is an unusual figure to grace the the wrestling ring. But after seeing her kick an opponent in the testicles and have her head slammed-down on the floor, you can be in little doubt that this woman is a professional.

The campaign video is probably a spoof, but it carries the message "I'm Linda McMahon and I approve this message because its time for something different." And it is certainly novel. But beyond the guise of "something new" and the boxing drama, she seems remarkably similar to another ultra-conservative soccer mom.

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Rabbis Tweet Passover to Facebook generation [Mar. 17th, 2010|10:39 am]
Matilda Battersby
A US-based Rabbi feels the Passover story (a tale of enslaved Israelites, pestilence and plagues) needs perking up, so he has recruited a band of Rabbis to act it out on Twitter.

In an attempt to make Passover more accessible to the Facebook generation, Rabbi Oren Hayon and his fellows have decided to play out the story in 140-character Twitter messages, accessible at twitter.com/tweettheexodus.

The tale began yesterday on Rosh Chodesh Nisan with @The_Israelites complaining: "We have much to fear from @PharaohofEgypt. He tires of us… " Other characters include (somewhat predictably) @Godofisrael,Young_Miriam, DaughterOfLevi and ShifraNPau.

In the latest instalment the Twitter page reads: “via @Young_Miriam: I can hardly believe he's 3 months old! All that pushing and screaming seems like yesterday--or earlier today!”  An indication of the more light hearted approach being taken in this dissembling of the tale. 

The idea of the unscripted dialogue, which will be played out for the next two weeks, is to give the age-old text a wider audience by immersing it in a modern forum.

"Setting up a Twitter account for the God of Israel was the most irreverent thing I could think of," Rabbi Phyllis Sommer of Glencoe, Ill., who will be playing the Divinity, told the Wall Street Journal
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UK develops 'intelligent CCTV' [Mar. 11th, 2010|11:33 am]
Matilda Battersby
CCTV cameras that can pick out abandoned luggage, suspicious behaviour and lock onto potential suspects are being developed by UK researchers.

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Mandela's man on the moon mix-up [Mar. 1st, 2010|09:39 am]
Matilda Battersby
Jeremy Clarkson was reportedly left "baffled" after being mistaken for an astronaut by Nelson Mandela who asked the Top Gear presenter what it was like on the Moon.

Not wishing to embarrass the 91-year-old former South African president Clarkson "did what he thought was best" and tried to answer, explaining that "[The Moon] is rocky and there's not much gravity."

The Sun, which reported the exchanged words between Mandela and its columnist Clarkson at an Aids awareness event, also reported that the Top Gear host had earlier asked Mandela if he'd ever attended a strip club. No wonder he was a bit befuddled by conversation!
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Tiger is new poster boy for neutering cats [Feb. 25th, 2010|03:27 pm]
Matilda Battersby
Tiger Woods has been awarded the dubious honour of fronting PETA's latest campaign promoting the neutering of domestic animals.

The champion golfer, whose reputation has suffered following a bizarre car accident involving his wife and a 6-iron, the public and drawn-out revelations of infidelity and 'sex texts' which followed, and an excruciating (and tearful) public apology last Friday, is currently undergoing therapy for what he calls "guidance issues", widely speculated to be sex addiction.

Who better then to promote the sterilisation of cats and dogs? But, unsurprisingly Woods hasn't officially OK'd the use of his photo for the campaign. And with the taunting slogan 'Too much sex can be a bad thing...for little tigers too,' it is easy to see why it might be a sensitive issue for this particular feline.

The poster is due to be put up on billboards near Woods' home in Florida over the next two weeks. A PETA spokeswoman said it was trying to use the bad publicity Woods has received recently to promote a good cause, saying: "The millions of cats and dogs born each year in this country without good homes to go to don’t make tabloid headlines, but their suffering is 100 percent real."



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